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Short Biography of Krzysztof Jurecki

Studied History of Art in Krakow (1985). From 1985 to 2005 worked in Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz , as Head Curator Department of Photography in Visual Arts. (1998-2005). He organized many exhibitions in Poland (e.g. Zofia Rydet, Jerzy Lewczyński, Joseph Beuys, Jan Saudek, Erwin Olaf). He publishes in “EXIT” (, “Kwartalnik Fotografia”  and “Imago” [Bratislava]. He published with K. Makowski a book A note about Photography (Słowo o fotografii, 2003). He writes many texts about history of Polish avant-garde, from the photography of 20-th century and from 80-thies until now. He is also interested in avant-garde art and post-modern theory.

He is interested in a different kind of photography in relation to the art (painting or video-art) or own photographic tradition, e.g. documentary photography, staged photography, digital image. For a few years he has been a main juror of competition “CyberPhoto” (Częstochowa, Poland).

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